About Me

Hello everyone,

Huge thanks for visiting my blog.

I am Megha, in my late twenty’s, a software engineer, a ChefAtHome, a foodie, a traveler, and a dreamer. 

At present, a homemaker and full-time blogger.  

You see, I am in the US on H4 visa, and therefore can’t hold a job. That became a challenge for me as I am an active person and can’t just stay idle. Therefore, I decided to try out other venues to keep myself motivated, productive and busy. All these thoughts gave birth to this blog.

Now I log whatever progress I make in terms of my hobbies along with some random thoughts in this blog. This is my personal space where I can write anything I want.

What I am doing is making most of my time by experimenting in the kitchen, reading novels, learning yoga, a little bit of dancing and lastly meditating.

My motto in life is to keep on evolving. Some of my successes in the cooking department are Gajar Halva and laddoos

I am an avid reader, but never wrote reviews on the books I read before. Now I write reviews here after completing a novel. It is a good exercise for my mind, as writing reviews prompt me to analyze my thoughts after reading a book.






I try to log my travels but that is not very frequent. Till now I wrote about our trip to Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon only.


Loving every step creating for this blog and hope you will enjoy and love it too.

Thanks again,




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