About Me

Hello everyone,

Huge thanks for visiting my blog.

I am Megha, a ChefAtHome, a foodie, a traveler, and a dreamer. 

At present, a homemaker and full-time blogger.  

Two years ago, I was a shy girl who hid behind her novels and work. Always busy in her world. 

This changed when I married. I had to feed myself and my husband. And so learned to cook. This was good, because if this hadn’t happened, I would never have discovered my passion for cooking.

I am grateful for my husband, my mothers, and the internet. They helped me at every step giving useful hints and tips. Now I can state positively that I can make most of my mother’s recipes with equal perfection.

Still, I challenge myself with new recipes. Now and then I am successful in one try, and often times after many tries. But I never give up. 

Recently I made this Gajar Halva for the first time innovating upon my mother’s recipe for the same. I cooked it with the patience I never thought I had. The anxiety of checking on it every fifteen minutes was a worthwhile experience and I want to have it again. 



The happiness of making the perfect laddoos was too much even for me. I took the first bite and became lost in memories of childhood!



My motto in life is to keep on evolving. And so I continue experimenting new recipes and old, trying to improve the taste. 

Apart from this, I travel with my husband and read novels borrowed from the library. Our last years’ trip to Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon is still etched vividly in my memory.



So here in this little space, I write about the recipes I try, my travels and novels I read. I know I am an average writer and novice photographer. Striving to improve with time.

Loving every step creating for this blog and hope you will enjoy and love it too.

Thanks again,




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